International Students Exchange and Mobility (ISEM) programme is a chance for undergraduates and post graduates students to be exposed to the best of international community, cultures and work practices. Under this internalization initiative, UniKL BMI students have the opportunity to apply for an Out-Bound programme to study in our partner universities.


Afdhal Khan (Short-term Mobility Programme; UniKL-Uni Telkom Bandung) – Looking back at my time as an exchange student at Telkom Bandung, I couldn’t be more grateful for this unique opportunity to learn and grow in such a unique and stimulating environment. I felt that Indonesians in general and the campus community in specific are very welcoming and friendly, which helped me to feel at home very quickly. In terms of academics, I really enjoyed the variety of courses offered and that I could specialize in the subjects that interested me the most. Compared to my home university, class sizes were smaller and lively interaction with both fellow students and teaching staff was much more common. During my time on exchange, I travelled to iconic places in Bandung such as 1920s Dutch colonial streets, Farmhouse Susu Lembang and Saung Ungklong Udjo (cultural performance center). Indonesians are amazing people, even though I have to admit that I had to adopt to the difference in culture but, the similarity in language made the experience a whole lot easier. I thank everyone who has made my time at Telkom Bandung so special, from my fellow student buddies, housemates and friends to the very helpful Telkom Bandung staff’s as well as my lecturers. I encourage everyone to go on exchange, get involved and find a home away from home as I did.”


Syaza (Short-term Mobility Programme; UniKL-Uni Telkom Bandung) – The opportunity to study at Telkom University is really an amazing experience, it has given me the opportunity to get acquainted with people from other backgrounds and learn about the local culture as well. The theoretical and practical knowledge that I have gained throughout my 2 weeks Inbound Short Course taught by experienced lecturers allowed me to go out of my comfort zone. I believe being surrounded by people from different cultures and backgrounds bring out the most memorable experience.”

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