Universiti Kuala Lumpur British Malaysian Institute is delighted to welcome international exchange students from all over the world. We offer the best quality education and excursion options for the applicants. Students from any of our partner universities are eligible to study at UniKL BMI through an exchange programme. International students have the option to choose between one or two semesters under the short ISEM mobility programme. UniKL BMI also accept applications for internship at our campus.


Gauthier (France) – “Malaysia was wonderful, a truly amazing experience with the people, the places to visit and the work we put in our academics. ”


Mardi zakaria (Morocco) – “Mr Hendra helped me a lot with immigration and I had a great time learning from my supervisor.”


Samyra (France) – “I love it here, I wish I could stay longer.”


Willy (France) – “Hi guys… we study well here. We joined many programmes and cultural activities where everything is cool. People are very friendly.”


Camille CESI (France)“We had a chance to go to Redang Island as part of the organized excursion trip by UniKL. It was in the east coast of Malaysia. It was a great time and other international students joined us there. The beach was beautiful.”


Christoph Asam (Germany) – ” My stay in Malaysia was one of my greatest experiences. From the beginning on i felt warmly welcome by everyone. I met such a variety of awesome people and made great friends. Malaysia really earned my trust and therefore I was even convinced to stay in the country when the lockdown started. Despite I had to spend a lot of time in my appartment during the MCO I still had a great time because all friends, flatmates and Uni staff held together. Sadly I couldn’t see all the places I wanted to visit. I really enjoyed visiting Melakka, Tioman island and Perhentian island just to name a few but I never managed to get to Borneo. This I defenetly need to catch up. After all I really had a hard time going back home. There is only one thing I’m not missing after all is… the heat. When I arrived in Kuala Lumpur I really had no idea which adventure I was heading into but after all I can tell I have found a second home… and as long as I can not come back I will keep on looking for a good Malaysian here restaurant in Germany. Love all of you!” Greetings to everyone:)

UniKL BMI International Partnership Coordinator

Mr. Hendra Che Morad

013 354 1883

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