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Below are the most frequently asked questions about ISEM. Please click the subject below for the answer.

What is ISEM?

ISEM stands for International Students Exchange Mobility, it is a platform for students to study abroad at a partner university of UniKL for a short duration.

Generally, ISEM would be in the following modes:

  • Short-term mobility programme, with a minimum duration of 1 week, which is defined as 5 activities days and a maximum duration of 3 months (90 days).
  • Full-Semester mobility program, with a minimum duration of 3 months (short semester) and a maximum of 2 full semesters.
  • Internship (6 months as required by the university)
Why should I apply for ISEM?

This is an opportunity for any UniKL students to study abroad with the support of the university. Successful applicants will be given credit transfer, in-house accommodation (if available) and free tuition fees at the host university. This is also a chance for you to travel, learn and built inspiration from the culture of the foreign country.        

How do I apply for ISEM?

You can apply for ISEM program by submitting the ISEM forms online at https://www.unikl.edu.my/admission/exchange-mobility/introduction-isem/isem-outbound/how-to-apply-isem-outbound/ or meet up with International Partnership Coordinator Mr. Hendra at the IIIP section (mhendra@unikl.edu.my).


When can I apply for ISEM?

All ISEM programmes are open all year long depending on the mode of study the students would like to apply. Please check with your Academic Coordinators and International Partnership Coordinator for enquiries. 

  • Short term mobility – Applicant may apply based on annually offered promotional activities.
  • Long term mobility – Applications are open throughout the year.


Date of application for International semester:

31 March (For Autumm/ Fall Semester at Host University)

31 August (For Spring Semester at Host University)

Which university should I choose?

For University choices (UniKL partner universities), applicants can refer to the university partner list using this link: https://www.unikl.edu.my/admission/exchange-mobility/areas/universitychoices/

What are the other requirements do I need to apply?

Apart from the ISEM Outbound form, applicants must prepare all the documents needed, such as;

  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Results slip (all semesters)
  • IELTS/MUET (if available)
  • Learning agreement
  • Passport size picture
How to write a motivation letter?

The institution you are applying needs to know who you are, what are your interests and how could you benefit them. You should state why selecting you is mutually beneficial for both UniKL and the host university. 

Try to answer these questions when writing your motivation letter;

  • Why do you want to study abroad?
  • Do you have any experience being abroad already?
  • Why do you think you are suited (attitude/personality) to study abroad?
  • What are your strongest qualities?
What is the learning Agreement?

This is an agreement of the subjects/course you will take (for credit transfer) once you are at the host university. To check the subjects/course that you can take, please meet with your Academic Advisor/Head of Department at UniKL with your study planner. 

Is there credit transfer available for ISEM?

Transferable credits

  • Undergraduate Program

Maximum number of credits per semester; 18 credits (equivalent to 30 ECTS per semester)

  • Postgraduate Program

15 credits (equivalent to 25 ECTS credits per semester)

Try to answer these questions when writing your motivation letter;

  • Why do you want to study abroad?
  • Do you have any experience being abroad already?
  • Why do you think you are suited (attitude/personality) to study abroad?
  • What are your strongest qualities?
I’m doing my FYP now, can I apply for ISEM?

ISEM will not be available for students who ae currently undertaking FYP1 and FYP2.

Is there any sponsorship from MARA?

Currently, only the tuition fees will be bear by UniKL and applicants are advised to be self-sponsored or to find a personal scholarship.

What about my monthly allowances from MARA that I currently receiving as scholarship?

The monthly allowance from MARA will be stopped temporarily in the duration of your stay at the host university.

Is there any financial assistance?

 Financial Assistance

  1. MARA (Students who obtained CGPA 3.75 and above are qualified to apply for funding from MARA, subjected to approval)
  2. Erasmus+ (where available)
  3. Host university funding for international students
  4. Self-sponsored
  5. Partner university funding: Fee waiver & accommodation (where available)
How much money do we need to study abroad?

Financial implication to applicants for ISEM programme depends on the individual expenses and daily living cost of the country/host university.

Students are advised to do a survey through partner universities official websites to prepare for additional costs such as insurance, transport and off campus accommodation.

For example;

A meal in University of Limoges, France, would cost around 3.7 EURO. 

How about visa?

Malaysian students applying to study abroad are required to apply and pay for a student visa as stipulated by Malaysian government. Students are advised to call the relevant parties and prepare necessary documents before visiting the embassy for visa application.


if you need more information or doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your precious time and your interest in UniKL ISEM.


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