Electronic engineering technology is a field that deals with the design, development, and application of electronic systems and devices. It covers wide range of applications that we use daily such as television, radio, mobile phones, computers, power system, electronic medical devices and many more. Electronic engineers and technologist are responsible for designing, developing, testing and troubleshooting the electronic circuits and systems. These circuits are vital component in the production and manufacturing of electronic products. Electronic engineers and technologist can also be involved in the management field or overseeing systems using specialized software.

The students in this programme will predominantly be taught via practical learning such as experiments and projects. This will help them understand the properties of different types of electronic components, microchip and microcontrollers in order how to build functional circuits. Students will also learn how to use industry standard computer-aided design (CAD) tools to create and test their designs. In addition, several programming languages will be introduced to the students enabling them to create software and algorithms that can be used to control and communicate with electronic systems.

With the birth of Industry Revolution 4.0, students of this programme will also undertake courses such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data so that they will become and engineer and technologist that is up-to-date with the advancing technology of today and future.


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