Electronics Technology Section was established to support the needs of electronics expertise in Malaysia. The evolvement in the electronics world has increased tremendously in the last decade. Electronics devices have become a basic requirement for people in every part of the world.  From household appliances to military equipment, the electronics industry has grown to accommodate current and potential future demands. The importance of electronics technology has merged with its development, thus more technologists, expertise and professional engineers in the area are needed.

The programme of BET (Hons) Electronics was initially developed as an advancement of our diploma programme; namely Diploma of Engineering Technology in Electrical and Electronics. Subjects are developed based on the existing degree programmes to satisfy the needs of the nation in electronics-based technology. Electronics technology is very important in many aspects such as education, corporation, political, social and etc.  The technology is essential to deal with current news, business relation, social discussion and etc. To accommodate all these facilities, professionals are needed in this area to design, invent, upgrade and analyse the existing and new electronics systems.  With high educational and vocational means provided in these programmes, we able to produce experts in the area.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, emphasizing the mastery of the 4C elements of Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity to students especially ranked at the university level. Four new subjects were introduced to support this revolution; the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and System Integration. Apart from engineering subjects, the programme also offers skills in technopreneur, design innovation, and project. This is to ensure that they are engineers who highly skilled, creative, innovative and be able to manage, operate and maintain any systems related to electronics industries.

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