UniKL BMI RCC and Fellows have just initiated another UMI (UniKL MEAL INITIATIVE) Project called Food Bank @ Gerobok Rezeki. Placed at the Residential College walkway near the Student Lounge, our Siswa and Siswi can TAKE or DONATE food (biscuits/coffee tea sachets/instant noodles/snacks etc) if they are HUNGRY. Let’s pray that this project will be successful and will benefit all our Siswa and Siswi. To those who would like to contribute, pls contact Sir Roy, Sir Irwan or you can just scan the QR code in the poster. (For info; UniKL BMI has been carrying out BFF – BMI Food Favour on a DAILY basis for 7 semesters and we also have RFF – RCC Food Favour where the Fellows and RCC will cook once a month for our siswa and siswi). Let’s all support these projects and we pray that all involved will be rewarded accordingly.


Thank you
Mr. Azrul Hisyam Abdul Rahman
Deputy Dean Student Development and Campus Lifestyle

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