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Name : Nadwah Penghayatan Islam ke- 7
Date : 1 March 2020 – 7 March 2020
Level : University

The largest program organized by Kelab Ikatan Mahasiswa Islam in 2020 is Nadwah
Penghayatan Islam ke-7. This program has been successful in collaboration with 10
university organizational bodies. The total programs under NPI 7 are a total of 14
programs that have covered every aspect. Additionally, NPI 7 has successfully collected a
lot of funds to invite great and experienced speakers to ensure that every program can be
run smoothly. Npi 7 has been launched by Prof. Dato ‘Dr. Khairanum Subari, Deputy
President SDCL Chancellery UniKL.


  • The students and local community are able to strength their Islamic beliefs
    throughout these effective programs.
  • From this exposures and explanation we can emphasize the Islamic laws.
  • Implementing Islamic morality by practicing the praiseworthy nature of making the Prophet s.a.w an icon throughout the ages.
  • Make entertainment and culture a medium that brings us closer to Allah.
  • Form a campus community that is sensitive to the issue of international Muslims and ready to fight for Islam.
  • Make UNIKL BMI students care about their appearance and association on the basis of Islam. 


  1. Every program went well and smooth.
  2. Most of the objectives are achieved.
  3. Students’ response to the program provided was very encouraging


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