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Financial and Welfare

Campus Lifestyle Section helps those student offered by UniKL to further their study at UniKL BMI by providing loan and scholarship services. MARA and PTPTN are the TWO organizations that provide loan for UniKL student. Student still can get some information about the other loan or sponsorship bodies from Finance & Welfare Unit.

Student Fund Body (Tabung Kebajikan Siswa – TKS UniKL BMI)

UniKL BMI has established a student fund body which is called as TKS (Tabung Kebajikan Siswa). It has been proposed to the Management of UniKL and officially endorsed and approved by the UniKL Management Team in Sept 30, 2005.

The main objective of TKS is to assist and provide services for student to get some financial assistance from the university when unexpected circumstances occur. Beside of that, TKS also  provides support for student who receives “out-patient cases” at the government and private clinics or hospitals, provides Khairat contribution, loan for needy students or any financial assistance during emergency case and channel zakat contribution from individuals, institutions or corporate body to eligible students.

Beneath of this TKS there are four schemes provided to the student:

  • Financial Assistance (Loan)
  • Out-Patient Contribution
  • Khairat Contribution
  • Natural Disaster Contribution


TKS UniKL BMI Contribution and Application Procedure















Jom tunaikan Kewajipan Zakat Pendapatan anda di UniKL.


Taksir semula Zakat anda…Hanya 2.5% kepada Mustahik (Golongan yang layak menerima zakat)


Untuk daftar potongan bayaran Zakat secara bulanan, anda boleh klik di sini…



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